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GWEN GARCI is Mai Lee Ang in real life. She is one of the most beautiful bold actresses in Philippine movies. Her unique beauty is a product of mixed heritage of Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino. However, Gwen says she belongs to the Chinese clan. Her family lives in Baguio where she was also born. They own various business establishments in Baguio like a depratment store, spa, salon and other lines of businesses.

Gwen started in limelights when she joined and won the 1997 Body Shots in Baguio at the age of 16. That fate started the modelling career of Gwen Garci. She was first introduced as model in different modelling stints. In fact, she became as official endorser of Levi's Jeans, Jag Jeans and Wrangler. Her posters with those endorsements literally filled the billboards in major cities in the entire Philippines.

It was in the year 2003 when Gwen Garci made into the showbiz when she was discovered by Viva big boss Vic Del Rosario. It was also that year when the group Viva Hot Babes was introduced and Gwen was one of the original members. The group made their first movie self titled "Viva Hot Babes" which was in bold/mature genre.

The film stirred the consevatives and made strong opposition against the showing of the movie. But that controversy has given the movie free marketing exposure and it gave the actresses, including Gwen, the exposure they need. That exposure was the stepping stone for Gwen Garci to become more popular among the male audience in the Philippines.

As a matter of fact, Gwen made at least 17 movies after that,most of them in bold genre but also included drama, comedy and other genres. But Gwen cannot escape her image as bold star. In most of her movies, she always played sexy but that made her even more popular.

When bold movies were banned in SM cinemas, that doesn't stopped the popularity of Gwen and the rest of Viva Hot Babes. They wento into bold/sexy modelling and their legions of male fans grow and that made them stay in the sexy limelights. After those bold stage performances, Gwen Garci shoot some sexy videos and the most popular here is the video on striptease. Gwen has given instructions on how to do striptease and the video was a certified best seller.

It was reported that Gwen Garci has done a lot of movies which includes Boso, Room 213, First Time, Viva Hot Babes, Masamang Ugat, Ligalig and others. The group also made into singing and they made some popular songs and videos like Bulaklak, Kikay and Basketbol.
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